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We offer a free set of Bible studies    
"In Search of Bible Truth". These
are comprehensive studies and should
not be started unless you are serious
about learning God's truths as presented
in His Holy word. There are 29 lessons
in total (titles of each are listed on this
page,) however, they will only be sent a
few at a time. When one set is
completed, you may click on the Visit
Us button in the Navigation Bar to let us
know you are ready for another set. A
series of five questions per study must
be answered correctly via email before
a new set will be sent. If you are
interested in doing the entire set of 29
comprehensive studies as described
above, please fill in the Request Form
found on this page. God Bless.  
The Remnant Church of Jesus Christ
Lesson 16:  Signs of the End, Part I
Lesson 17:  Signs of the End, Part II
Lesson 18:  The Second Advent
Lesson 19:  Death
Lesson 20:  The Millennium
Lesson 21:  Hell
Lesson 22:  Heaven
Lesson 23:  Temperance, Part I
Lesson 24:  Temperance, Part II
Lesson 25:  Tithes and Offerings
Lesson 26:  Baptism
Lesson 27:  Prayer
Lesson 28:  God's People
Lesson 29:  The Remnant Church

Lesson 1:  The Holy Bible
Lesson 2:  The Godhead
Lesson 3:  Jesus Christ, Our High Priest
Lesson 4:  The Holy Spirit
Lesson 5:  Satan
Lesson 6:  Sin
Lesson 7:  The Ten Commandment Law
Lesson 8:  Salvation
Lesson 9:  Faith
Lesson 10:  The Sabbath, Part I
Lesson 11:  The Sabbath, Part II
Lesson 12:  Sunday
Lesson 13:  The World Empires
Lesson 14:  The Mark of the Beast, Part I
Lesson 15:  The Mark of the Beast, Part II